Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Illegal Fishing in Indonesia

Feel like I was ain't nowhere.... me, is nothing...
In the middle of the sea, who has a strength to keep our boat floating?
No one but Him.
See the sunset, those dark-orange clouds, the water around us...?
Those are so huge!!!
What are we?
But those are just only His creature.
How about Him?
We are so small, my brother. But, only us.
Being watched by Him.
Think about it.

Our patrol vessel, early in the morning, normal shut, without editing.

One of the illegal ship operated in our water territory, we're gonna catch 'em like a cowboy!

Me, in the name of Allah, were doing the Indonesian people's duty.
Ready to die for Allah in the middle of the waves. May He always keep our vessel save.

One of the crew, too many playing the counter strike game on a notebook, act like one. We really need those weapons, because we are facing many stubborn armed thieves. Not a good one (our weapons), actually. But, quite enough to intimidate.

The sidelong-approached, after our announcement to stop their engine and all of their crew should be seated on the bow.

The sidelong-approached accomplished, continue with the investigation procedures.

Those illegal ships look so ugly with corrosion everywhere, but that just their camouflage. See their radio communication above. And also their navigation equipments.

All of the situation should be reported straight away to the Head Quarter.

Our Commander arrived and watched himself that we got those illegal ships.

The shark meat, with the head and the fin cut. They separated them in some place, and sell that way. Very great demand in China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

With the help of Allah Ta'ala, we're gonna sail all over the country, to find other pirates, smugglers and thieves.