Thursday, October 10, 2013

Samick Greg Bennett Avion Series: NEW N' RARE!! AV7 LTD BK (Limited-Black)


SOLD Alhamdulillaah

The AVION™ series guitars, while paying tribute to these original designs, offers its own unique visual character and performance benefits. Many players love the look of an arch top solid body, but are not aware of the incredible performance benefits it provides. 


The arch top adds mass for rigidity under the bridge, preventing the body from stealing energy from the string. This may add some weight, but the improvement in attack and sustain is worth it. The maple top on a mahogany body provides serious definition with an amazingly warm tone. The single cutaway design shortens the exposed area of the neck, making it more secure and therefore more rigid. Combining this with a set neck greatly improves string performance.

The Sweetest Tone! Zager ZAD80 CE Acoustic Electric

Zager Guitars were created by Master guitar builder Denny Zager to play easier than any other guitar.

What makes a Zager so easy to play? --SOLD--

  • Lower string heights: So you barely have to press to form chords
  • Custom string spacing: So you're not accidentally bumping other strings
  • Lower string pressure: Increases speed & accuracy, reduces buzz
  • Custom neck design: Feels natural in your hand, increases comfort
  • Special fret design: Reduces string bite and overall finger fatigue
  • Special bracing system: Produces a richer, more powerful sound
  • Perfect quality control: Each guitar finished personally by Mr. Zager

The ZAD80E is a high level Zager guitar that can be found for as little as $995. 

It features a Western Red Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. This results in a mellow yet sweet tone that all of the instructors who played the guitar made note of. It features a Fishman ClearWave 60 electronics package which features a built in tuner and equalizer. This guitar sounds every good plugged in as it does acoustically. As with all of the Zager guitars this beauty has an extremely fine tuned setup allowing it to be played easily and without fret buzz or intonation problems.

This guitar uses a wide variety of quality woods, especially when compared to other offerings in it's price range. A beautiful guitar with a nice, sweet sound that feels very focused. You get a lot of bang for your buck when compared to Martin or Taylor guitars. You would have to spend considerably more to get a similar guitar.

This guitar has exceptionally nice intonation up the neck. It has a very bright sound with rich, full mids. The fretboard is extremely comfortable, but slightly thicker than I would prefer. It still functions perfectly though and the thumb can still be wrapped around comfortably. The action along the entire neck is comfortable and fast without any buzzing. Difficult barre chords are easy to play on this guitar and the overall playability is excellent.

Summing up the entire Zager line of guitars is positively easy. They are excellent. Every model included in this review was well made, impeccably setup and both played and sounded beautifully. Each guitar in the Zager line was priced fairly, and in many cases you would have to spend hundreds of dollars, or even double in some cases, to purchase a guitar comparable to the Zager in terms of sound and playability.

Each guitar comes with several nice touches, including a picture of Denny Zager (the designer of the Zager brand of guitars) playing the purchased guitar, a Zager t-shirt and an extremely nice hardshell case. The cases even feature a humidifier in some models, which was a nice touch.

Truth be told, musicians at Areeya House Jakarta enjoyed this group of guitars so much..!

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