Thursday, February 6, 2014

Greg Bennett AVION™ Series: AV4 “Thick-twank”

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Greg Bennett AVION™ Series: AV4 “Thick-twank”

The AVION™ series guitars, while paying tribute to these original designs, offers its own unique visual character and performance benefits. Many players love the look of an arch top solid body, but are not aware of the incredible performance benefits it provides.

The arch top adds mass for rigidity under the bridge, preventing the body from stealing energy from the string. This may add some weight, but the improvement in attack and sustain is worth it.

The maple top on a mahogany body provides serious definition with an amazingly warm tone. The single cutaway design shortens the exposed area of the neck, making it more secure and therefore more rigid. Combining this with a set neck greatly improves string performance.


Single cutaway mahogany body
Bound, quilt maple, flat top
Bound, mahogany set neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Grover™ tuners
String through bridge
HH Duncan Design™ pickups
Push-pull tone knob

Jika mau berdagang dg jujur, mk Allaah SWT akan mdatangkan rizq dr arah yg tdk dsangka2… bkn dari apa yg kita jual.. dmkian arahan Baginda Rasulullaah SAW.


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