Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bill Lawrence L-500/L-500XL Pickups

A Testimony

Artists using:  Dimebag Darrell of Pantera; 
Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme

reason for pickup change:  stock Jackson humbucker was fine, but it didn't 
     have the extra edge or drive necessary for metal.

perceived output level:  pretty loud; more than most average humbuckers.  
     the pickup is quieter than most, also.

tone:  plenty of treble and bass; gives that sucked out mid metal tone 
     without being harsh in the high end; without that whiny chainsaw 
     sound in the high end.

candid evaluation:  i play mostly metal through a tube preamp and a 
     Mosvalve power amp.  i like the pickup because it gives clear highs, 
     solid bass crunch, and lots of output.  

it also gives a nice bluesy half distorted sound when i turn the guitar 
     volume control down.  most high output pickups that i have heard 
     sound way too treble-y when you turn the guitar volume down.  that's 
     fine if you never do that, but i like a mellower sound every once in
     a while.

i liked the XL500 so much that i installed it in my second Charvel Model 3.  
     it sounds better in one of them than it does in the other - could be 
     wood quality differences, or pickup quality differences - it sounds 
     darker in the second guitar.  i also tried it in a Fender Heartfield 
     [Ibanez copy] and it sounded quite good.  all three of these guitars
     are made of basswood - i highly recommend the XL500 for any guitar, 
     especially basswood guitars, if you want a metal sound.  Jackson 
     Custom Shop guitars now feature the XL-500 as the standard bridge pickup.

the pickup casing is made of plastic, not metal, so it looks a little "cheap"
     from the outside, but it sounds great.  

suitability:  this pickup is great for metal.  they make a less powerful 
     version, the L500, that might be better for plain hard rock.  you
     can't beat the price, especially with "big" pickup manufacturers
     [Duncan and DiMarzio] charging $20 or more for similar models.

they also make neck models of both the XL500 and L500, apparently with
     less output in this position.  i have no idea how these sound.

on a scale of 1 - 11:  i'd give the XL500 a 10.  this pickup does high 
     gain sounds very well.

Testimony submitted by: Scott Andrews
Source: http://www.billlawrenceusa.com/swampkaster/testimonials-L-500XL.htm


Anonymous said...

Like the XL 500 . Sounds great for high gain country . Positively rips .

Bima Aryasena said...

absolutely, mate !
thx for your comment :)