Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nuno Bettencourt Best Solos

Nuno Bettencourt has been many people's favorite guitar player since the band Extreme was first big back in the 80's. His Washburn N4 guitar has always been an instrument shredders want to buy, and the relic version looks awesome to the eye.

Nuno Bettencourt

Washburn N4 Electric Guitar

Washburn N4 Series Technical Specs:

Weight : 8.23 lbs

Full length : 37.0inches
Full Width : 13.5 inches
Headstock Width : 3.5"
Fingerboard Width : 1 11/16" at first fret, 2 3/16"  at 22nd fret
Scale Length : 24 3/4"
Neck Shape : C shaped neck, really great

Pickups : BL L500, Seymour SH1 59
Control Layout : Master Volume, 3 position pickup selector
Bridge System : Schaller Floyd Rose Trem

It's Nuno Bettencourt !!

It's Nuno Bettencourt !!

Bettencourt used quite a bit of equipment over the years, although he stayed true to his guitar and amp choices throughout his career. Pretty much from the beginning Bettencourt used Washburn guitars. Washburn now has several Nuno Bettencourt signature models called the N series to honor his accomplishments.

Of course, being a rocker in the ’80s and ’90s, Bettencourt had a nice complement of Marshall amps backing him up on stage every night. But Marshall wasn’t the only amp he relied on; he also had some Fender Twin Reverbs for those softer moments.

Like most of us who can remember playing the classic analog pedals, Bettencourt was a big Boss and MXR fan, using digital delays and phasers. He also used a Digitech Whammy, a talk box, octaver and several other pedals throughout his career.

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