Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boss ME-25 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Boss ME-25

"Tough little bastard!"

Sound: I can get all the sounds that I need just by doing a little extra tweaking once I get my basic sound.

Feature: I'm going to give it a 10 despite the fact that it didn't include a power source (other than so

me cheap cheezy batteries that do not live up to the Boss name). As it sounds good and one can do so many things with it, I'm not going to go down from a 10.

Ease of Use: Yes, it is easy to get great sounds. Learning curve? (in comparison to what?) Seriously the manual is clear and the learning curve is small. One can pick it up in little time.

Quality: This is sturdy as a tank and would be hard to break after many, many breakings though I'm not going to experiment and find out! I see no problem with using this on the road at all. Depending how well one takes care of it=time the thing will last. I'm not encouraging meticulousness. Just general care. It is, afterall, an instrument. Like Buddy Guy said, (paraphrase) if one is out to keep their instruments looking brand new then they aren't playing them!

Value: Yes.

Manufacturer Support: Haven't dealt with the company.

The Wow Factor: I'm not married to it, I just use it. It looks fine.

Boss ME-25

Overall: I don't plan on looking for another effects unit for a long time. This does a fine job and I just plan on fooling around with it doing some recording for fun. If this were stolen, I'd have to have another one.

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